Peter Demetz


by Beatrice Buscaroli

... The eighteen sculptures presented by Peter Demetz in Rome are a further development of his elegant and austere thought and impeccable technique. They are born and live in the wood, but echo the colors and light, sun and snow, clothes and water. They are suspended and attached to life simultaneously, a life made of nothing that the artist can stop, sometimes raising the figure from the same lime base, from a single piece of wood. ... [read more]

Beatrice Buscaroli
catalogue 2011

Mirrored Stories

The work of Peter Demetz
by Adam Budak

... Demetz’s little theaters of human affairs and private worlds are masterfully illuminated reliefs that challenge the spectator’s perception with their spatial unfolding and seduce with their illusion as well as with their photographic quality of represented world. Outside of clearly defined time, within an anonymous, almost abstract space, they are haunted places of high spiritual intensity, stages for people’s ordinary poses, situations and matters, based upon the artist’s own observations or his own photographs and models ... [read more]

Adam  Budak
catalogue 2011

Peter Demetz: People

… The works of Demetz seem to be still frames of a serial, which needs to be discovered and of which the artist anticipates only some clues; not recognizable stories, but attitudes, something in a potential state, which attends to be resolved into a narrative. …

… Therefore, in the works of Demetz, also time is slowing down, because space determines everything. Visible end perceivable relationships open the logic of every artistic work to the observer and invite him to participate at a narration, which always is just about to begin or has just been finished.[read more]

Valerio Dehò
'08 article on „Arte“


Peter Demetz. The rooms of the self

The human being is at the very centre of Demetz’s inspection: People who seem isolated in their private room even if represented in eye contact with other figures. It seems that the sculptor wants to challenge the dimensional passage, the stargates allowing to go further of what we usually call reality in order to access the dimension where man, free from his social mask, fully finds himself and his interior integrity.
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Maurizio Vanni
catalogue '07

Nebenräume – The Spaces of the Self

... Playing with our consolidated certainties the artist captures what is extraordinary in the ordinary, confers poetical tension to the simple gesture and, by doing so, evokes the high complexity of life with all its unknown and variable factors. In front of his theatrical show-boxes with the curtain raised, Demetz forces us to change position and thus also point of view, in order to see more and to see better. ... [read more]

Iliana Borrillo
Cento (FE)



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